Stivali on Woman’s Day 2015

październik 25, 2016

ALL_1318Brand Stivali had the pleasure of participating in the Fair for Women – Woman’s Day 2015 in Warsaw, where women could become acquainted not only with the products of different companies and shops like Stivali,, Nipplex, Gabriella, Mary Kay, Eveline, as well as various atelier designers, for example Doroty Goldpoint, but also with companies from the healthcare industry, culinary, etc.

ALL_1309During the woman’s day had the pleasure to co-create one of the main fashion show was Mrs. Dorota Goldpoint, who designed the collection of clothes, and our shoes were in the show, along with other brands proposed by the shop

We are pleased to announce that the footwear brand Stivali is now in the dressing room Mrs. Olga Bończyk, we had the honor to meet in person during the fair. We wanted to thank you again Mrs. Olga for the kind words and optimistic smile at the woman’s day.